November 2, 2022 – Multiple Clients

Clients are reporting averaging anywhere from 40 to 100 fish per day per boat. We are seeing many fish in the 3 to 6lb range but no real big ones this week. The fish have gone a bit deeper this week with the cooler weather and clients are catching on watermelon senkos, some swimbaits, and scrounger heads anywhere from 12-30 feet. Though the cranking bite has slowed down a bit, we are still catching on XD8 and XD10, just not as many as previous weeks.

October 20, 2022 – Multiple Clients

Clients are reporting averaging 300 or more fish for a three-day fishing trip! The lake is fishing great and Crankbaits are the hot bait for sure. There’s a ton of strong fish in the 3 to 6lb range with the best so far at over 8lbs! The big mamas are around and sure to be taken in short order. With a 60-100 fish per day average, other baits that are taking fish are Jigs, watermelon senkos, and a few on topwater… but the king has been dark colored crankbaits. If you have a trip scheduled, make sure you bring cranks, cranks, and more cranks! 

May 17, 2022 – Jim Chaney 

The food is great and the Lodge is awesome. The fishing has been great with a LOT of fish. At least 70 of the fish today were 4-6lbs. We’ve been fishing deep with a jig and that seems to be keeping the smaller fish away. I hooked one that was probably over 9lbs and still landed 8’s. if you threw a senko you could probably catch 200 fish! Not only that, but we were still getting topwater in the morning on poppers. 

Overall, it was a great time with my dad and brother and you can count on my being back!